Re: OpenID Connect Interest

Nick Meyne

Hi Eric,

We have a bid in for EU funding for a project which is considering something very similar in a music industry streaming context.

Here's a copy of our bid proposal deck and a short 2 min video intro.  Very little technical detail in it, but we are pointing to the same DIF project, and wanting to be as open and collaborative about implementation as possible.

Tell me if you are interested in a chat about this.

Best Regards,


---- On Thu, 27 Feb 2020 09:55:58 +0000 Eric Welton (Korsimoro) <eric@...> wrote ----

Is anyone interested in connecting DID & VC-based identity tech with OpenID?

DIF has an active project :

If folks are interested in this topic, I would like to discuss
organizing some regional coding efforts to take a reference
implementation across the finish line.



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