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Balázs Némethi

Hi all,

Glad to see that SIOP is getting attention beyond DIF!  
I have to quickly point out that to make SIOP (DID+OIDC) usable (regardless of quick/perfect) and used globally its spec work and dev-work have to be done in an IPR protected environment. ( it is all about trust as no-one wants to get sued by a troll in the future) 
Oliver and the others are pushing the topic in DIDauth WG, and definitely can handle some extra support, so if this is interest, I may suggest joining the WG and move the entire standard forward :) 


On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 1:55 PM Eric Welton (Korsimoro) <eric@...> wrote:

Wow - i really like the OIDC connection there - and the ref to Mycelia (Imogen was a plenary speaker at MyData 2019)

Connecting DID's to OIDC is a big interest - and I think it will be one of the make-or-break technologies for SSI, as it will offer end-consumers an option to shift off of GAFA and onto their own identity platforms.

I'm CC'ing Orie Steele here as well - Balazs has looped in Oliver Terbu - Orie had reached out looking for implementation volunteers on the DID-SIOP project.  I'm also looping in balll@... as he and I recently chatted about OIDC integration.  I think there is a very powerful, but still latent, engine of coders ready to make it happen.

One of the things I love about the MyData group is their attention to the tension between "Make it Happen/Make it Right" - DID/OIDC integration is on the "Make it happen" side more than the "make it perfect" model - and this relates to connecting SSI & DID technology to classic IAM authorities - it is not "perfect" because it still relates to the existing IAM infrastructure - but successful OIDC integration across multiple industries would be a game-changer for identity, credential and trust tech.

A good reference implementation in production - connecting DIDs & OpenID would benefit all of us.

Let's talk more!



On 2/27/20 7:24 PM, Nick Meyne wrote:
Hi Eric,

We have a bid in for EU funding for a project which is considering something very similar in a music industry streaming context.

Here's a copy of our bid proposal deck and a short 2 min video intro.  Very little technical detail in it, but we are pointing to the same DIF project, and wanting to be as open and collaborative about implementation as possible.

Tell me if you are interested in a chat about this.

Best Regards,


---- On Thu, 27 Feb 2020 09:55:58 +0000 Eric Welton (Korsimoro) <eric@...> wrote ----

Is anyone interested in connecting DID & VC-based identity tech with OpenID?

DIF has an active project :

If folks are interested in this topic, I would like to discuss
organizing some regional coding efforts to take a reference
implementation across the finish line.



Balázs Némethi

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