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Daniel Leung

Hi Eric,

I am interested to participate int he education credential exchange. Please advise how I can get onto that working group.



On Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 5:42 AM Eric Welton (Korsimoro) <eric@...> wrote:

Dear DIF APAC/ASEAN call members,

This week, on Mar 26th, is our 3rd DIF APAC/ASEAN group call, and there has been a lot of activity in our community.

1. Covid
2. Sovrin
3. Secure Data Storage
4. SSI in Education
5. Community connections
- DID study group
- OpenID Connect hacking effort

1. Covid

I would like to let everyone know about this effort at building Verifiable Credential support specifically to help address Covid.

2. Sovrin

This month the Sovrin Foundation underwent some changes as announced in this post on Mar 16: Next Steps for the Sovrin Foundation

In short, the Sovrin Foundation is downshifting from a large staff to a much smaller organization and is moving to a "network of networks" model where the current Sovrin Public Network is just one of multiple SSI networks.

The current Sovrin Network continues to be fully operated by the 60+ Sovrin stewards, and the disturbance to the Sovrin Foundation will be minimal as it is largely a volunteer effort already.  Transition efforts are detailed in this presentation and Riley Hughes, a long time member of the Sovrin Foundation and co-founder of wrote this excellent Medium Post.

The work of the Sovrin Foundation working groups and task forces will continue largely without interruption.  For example, within the next few weeks the IoT task force will be releasing a draft white paper on SSI and IoT and later this week the Guardianship task force will be hosting a presentation on SSI and Modern Slavery.  Details can be found in the Governance Working Group meeting page (including instructions for joining an APAC call)

3. SDS Scoping Call

The Secure Data Storage project, lead by Manu Sporny - is the beginning of a new DIF effort to build common ground and infrastructure across the numerous Secure Data Storage solutions that we are collectively building.  Last week was the 2nd call, and the next meeting will take place at the 4 pm ET on Thursday, 26th March.

To join the mailing list, visit this page: SDS Mailing list and sign up using the button.
  • This is not yet IPR protected mailing list - do not mention or bring up patents, the focus is still on scoping the work. 
  • There is a WIKI on the left sidebar with the links to the documents we used today
  • The call recording is also in the WIKI
Those who were unable to attend the meeting, please use the documents shared in the WIKI. If you have something to add or questions, use the scoping document, and comment/suggest changes.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

4. SSI In Education

The W3C CCG (Credentials Community Group) has a subgroup catering to the use of Verifiable Credentials in Education.  This work is led by Kim Hamilton-Duffy who heads the Digital Credentials Consortium, and is one of the premier drivers of the digital credentials in education effort.

Recordings of the CCG-vc-education call can be found here.

Kim has also shared a slide presentation from her recent presentation at the DIF Bi-Weekly general meeting.

I have a personal goal of seeing educational credential exchange, in action, across at least 5 sites in the APAC/ASEAN region, so please reach out to me if this is of interest.  With Covid we will work through the internet, but the goal is to demonstrate some form of executing credential exchange by the end of the year.

5. Community Connections
5.1 Study group in Kansai (Japan)
I wanted to say a special thank you to the DID study group that assembled and held an online meeting recently.  If possible, I would love to hear from members of that group and tell us how it went.  I understand from Martin that the topics range from technical to philosophical, which is typical of this topic but hopefully enjoyable.

5.2 OpenID Connect
I want to apologize for the slow start here, but I wound up getting quarantined (in room) in Buenos Aires and have let a few balls drop.  Several people responded with interest in an OpenID connect effort - and I will be sending out another email shortly to everyone who responded.  Some people were already on the list, but interestingly, some were not.

I also wanted to mention a few companies I know are working on an OpenID connect integration ( or have one working ( - both companies have members registered on our call!

Lasty - the Financial-Grade API for OpenID has a Pacific region friendly call, with details here and past session notes in this bitbucket wiki.

with that, I hope everyone has a safe and covid-free week and I look forward to seeing everyone Thursday,

  Eric Welton

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