DIF APAC/ASEAN Call - Thurs Apr 23rd

Eric Welton (Korsimoro)

Good Hello All,

I would like to remind everyone of our DIF APAC/ASEAN call this week, the 4th thursday of April, at 15:00. (GMT+8) - 16:00 JST, 14:00 ICT - Zoom Room: https://zoom.us/j/655628076

Meeting minutes and agenda information are here: https://dif.groups.io/g/dif-apac-asean/wiki/home

This month's call will be divided into two main sections:

1 - Covid, I'll review some activity by DIF,  the Evernym originated Covid Credentials Initiative (https://www.covidcreds.com/), as well as some MyData efforts, an upcoming ID2020 paper, and share some interesting links & recordings.

Most importantly - please bring any links or information to share, even just to paste in the chat - it is important that we work together to find and connect all the resources we have as a global community.  If you know of any efforts or initiatives in the APAC/ASEAN region, please bring a link to paste into chat - the more we share, the stronger we grow.

Some links I found particularly interesting this month are:

2 - In the 2nd half of the call, we'll hear from Dr. Nuttawut Kungsuwan of http://finema.co about Attribute Based Credentials.  This has been a considerable source of discussion in the covid credential effort, especially for those comparing Sovrin/Indy/Aires style ZKP wallets with W3C example credentials such as those in the github pull request linked above.  Dr. Kungsuwan will bring a light to this sometimes grey and confusing area - and this will help us understand what it means to provide a "test result credential" and how that information can be represented, guarded, and shared.

Stay safe everyone, and we'll see you Thursday,


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