DIF F2F Virtual community meeting - for interoperability

Balázs Némethi

Dear all,

I am pleased to extend's DIF's invitation to our Virtual community meeting.
Please forward DIF's invite to the broader ASEAN/APAC community and let's make interop together. 

DIF ( Decentralized Identity Foundation) is inviting the entire decentralized identity community to join our open online virtual meeting next week on 16th June. We will discuss the current state of the decentralized identity stack, the status of individual elements, and how the path towards interoperability should look.

16th June 2020
8:30 am PST (coffee/informal gathering is from 8 am) 

See it on Eventbrite.

Invite anyone and everyone interested in the decentralized identity stack, and let's make interoperability together

Bring your questions and projects as we would like to discuss as many work items as possible in the given time frame.

Best regards,


Balázs Némethi
Operations @ DIF

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