Welcome to DIF's APAC/ASEAN

Eric Welton (Korsimoro)

Dear Members,

Thank you for joining DIF's APAC/ASEAN mailing list and for your interest in decentralized identities.

We intend to use this list to share ideas, discuss questions, and bring awareness about recent or upcoming major breakthroughs.  This list is completely open and will stay this way to accommodate the interests of the broader community.

Please start sharing your questions, links, topics and what is your interest about the decentralized identity stack. We will use some of these topics to discuss during the calls making it easier to understand and meet the interest of everyone. To make this list useful we would like to ask you to follow these simple tips:
•  Groups.io provides our mailing list with a Wiki, a Calendar, a Threaded Discussion, Polls, and even a Simple Database.
•  Email content is organized as a Threaded Discussion.  Please send an email to dif-apac-asean@DIF.groups.io and ask any questions you might have - the email Subject will form the topic.
•  To create a new topic, use a new Subject, to respond to a topic just hit reply and the message will be Threaded and make it easier for everyone to follow.

If you have suggestions for the moderators send an email to: dif-apac-asean+owner@DIF.groups.io.

The next meeting is scheduled for Feb 27th, 2:00 p.m. ICT and will include a summary of the Jan 29-31st W3C DID Working Group meeting in Amsterdam.

Welcome aboard!

    Eric Welton