DIF Call Reminder - Nov 25, 2021, 2:00 p.m. GMT+7

Eric Welton (Korsimoro)

Greetings DIF Asia Discussion Group Members,

The agenda for this week will focus on

  • a recap of the W3C DID specification challenges from BigTech and Evernym's response
  • some highlights from Identity Week Asia (held Nov 16th & 17th)
  • an open discussion of the recent press releases from Cheqd.io

Cheqd is the newest tokenization of identity data blockchain, following in the footsteps of Civic, Sovrin, Selfkey, Citizenme.com, and others.  We will be discussing the various press releases and partnership information (Cheqd has some interesting partnerships), as well as whether or not the tokenization of identity data has any real viability in ASEAN and APAC.

Some questions we will discuss include:

  • Viability of tokenization of identity data in ASEAN and APAC markets given regulatory blockages for value-bearing tokens in many ASEAN markets, is this concept even viable or is it doomed out the gate?
  • What differentiates each of the existing attempts in the ASEAN/APAC context - e.g. Civic, Selfkey, Sovrin, CitizenMe?
  • How does this differ from credential marketplaces?

Please join us on Thursday at:


kind regards,

    Eric Welton