SSI Weekly Book Concert - at convenient APAC time

Eric Welton (Korsimoro)

Hello all,

This was announced in the ToIP Slack and may be of interest to many in this channel.

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The book concert will be held every week from May to November.

About this event

# From the end of May or the beginning of June, we are preparing for a weekly book talk (one chapter per month) with the authors who wrote the corresponding chapter of the book 'Self-Sovereign Identity: Decentralized digital identity and verifiable credentials'

# Only book buyers can attend for free.

- All book owners could attend in all concerts: all audiences only need to verify the purchase of the book when the registration

- Purchase verification method (only one of the below)

(1) Attach the purchase receipt image

(2) For those who do not have a receipt, after turning over the front cover, write the audience's name (ull full name) on the page immediately visible and attach an image after taking a picture

# Detailed schedule will be announced as soon as it is confirmed.

(Considering the time difference with the authors, if possible, we plan to schedule lunchtime on weekdays or Saturday morning in Korean time.)

# Details about book