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Meetings from Nov 2020 onward will be organized with an agenda in Notion, available here.

We will be organizing the meetings along Business / Legal / Social lines - and will try to bring a country-by-country spotlight.  Check out the November 2020 and December 2020 meeting for an example.  We will try to give about 10-20 minutes to each topic, adjusting as necessary

  • 10min - Old/New Business, Introductions, Announcements
  • 10min - Business
  • 10min - Legal
  • 10min - Social
  • 10min - Country Spotlight

Our thinking is summarized below

  • Considerations
    • Keep the level non-technical, as DIF has technical groups and technical resources.
    • We want participants to derive specific value out of their hour with us
    • Expect a little more presentation than discussion, take discussion to the list - use the call time to generate engagement and broad education rather than dive into any particular issue.
    • Our organizations will have to put in a little legwork to maintain a high level of value
  • Industry Updates/Information
    • Any announcements, businesses
    • Actively Solicit Updates to/from of a Directory (Database)
      • Companies/Organizations/Projects
      • Relevant Legislation
    • Publication of a monthly poll
    • Anything that can drive cross-jurisdiction collaboration and communication
  • Some options - Spotlights/Focus on a topic
    • Country Spotlight - unique activities
    • Use-Case Spotlight - addressing a specific question/use-case from a call member?
    • Tech Spotlight - an invited expert?