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In Nov 2020, Affinidi, Finema, and Korsimoro formed an open group to improve the DIF Asia Discussion Group in the aftermath of Covid.  The leadership is informal and we invite anyone interested to contact us via or contact us via an address listed here.

Responsibilities Include:

  • collectively produce a bi-weekly update on the industry by summarizing Asia relevant activity from a list of monitored resources (see below)
  • sponsor and promote country onboarding by generating and maintaining a per-country spotlight page which identifies key organizations, projects, and people 
  • reactivate the Asia mailing list
  • moderate and schedule monthly calls supporting these activities.
  • build a community data source based on collective experience and specific use cases  
  • maintain and update the data base in Notion/Spreadsheet (tbd)

Monitored Resources <put list here>

  • Identosphere
  • Conferences/Webinars 
  • Organizations:
    • DIF,
    • MyData,
    • W3C (DID WG, CCG & groups, Leadership Caucus)
    • TOIP