DWeb Camp 2022

Charles E. Lehner

Dear W3C CCG and DIF I&D WG,

DWeb Camp is happening this year! August 24th-28th, at Camp Navarro, CA, USA:

Here is a description of its purpose and philosophy:

The goal of DWeb Camp is to create a collaborative space for people to
connect, learn, share, and have fun as we work towards building a
better, decentralized web. A web that actualizes the principles of
trust, human agency, mutual respect, and ecological awareness.
Registration is open: https://buytickets.at/gatheringsforgood/683906

Volunteers are needed: https://dwebcamp.org/participate/

There is a fellowship program taking applications: https://dwebcamp.org/fellowships/

You can propose a project or workshop/talk: https://dwebcamp.org/proposals/

Sponsorship opportunities are available: https://ia801505.us.archive.org/12/items/dweb-camp-2022-sponsorship-opportunities/DWeb%20Camp%202022%20Sponsorship%20Opportunities.pdf

For interested volunteers, the setup period is August 22-23rd and take-down is August 28-29th.

The Internet Archive and volunteers previously hosted DWeb Camp 2019:

Here are some reflections on DWeb Camp 2019 from Jolocom:
and from the Secure Scuttlebutt community:

Previously, there was Decentralized Web Summit 2016 and 2018:
https://decentralizedweb.net/ (2018)

More info about the history and progression: https://getdweb.net/origin-story/

At these events, many projects have been represented, such as SOLID, Matrix, IPFS, GUN, Secure Scuttlebutt, and LibreRouter. (A lot more than this, really)

In 2018, a CCG work item was represented, the BTCR DID Method (Christopher Allen, Kim Hamilton Duffy); as was DIF's Universal Resolver (Markus Sabadello):

I've also mentioned this DWeb Camp here: https://matrix.org/blog/2022/04/14/this-week-in-matrix-2022-04-14#dweb-camp
and here: https://viewer.scuttlebot.io/%25qXTEgW9IDL4wkFrRmG4klZCHLKvxg5%2FA4IyyX1SlEpY%3D.sha256

I hope this information is useful, and that we may see eachother there!

Charles E. Lehner