Voting Logistics Snafu -- Please Revote before Wednesday 4am PST/1pm CET

Juan Caballero <communication@...>

Dear Interoperators:

First off, we have to apologize for some technical difficulties with our first choice of voting solution. Manually checking attendance/membership proved quite difficult, and the complexities of multiple Condorcet methods was also a stumbling block. Rather than try to salvage the original vote, we’ve decided to run a new vote, using a simpler, more manual process.

Please fill out this ballot if you have attended any of the last 4 meetings, using a name and email that would be recognizable from your Zoom handle or membership details (Attendance is checked against Zoom records). We will be using the Schulze method to tabulate the results, following the precedent of Debian, Ubuntu, and the German Pirate Party.

Ballots will be open until two hours before the next meeting, on Wednesday at 9am EST/3pm CET.

Thank you,
__interim chairs

Juan Caballero, PhD.
Communications & Editorial, Decentralized Identity Foundation
Freelance researcher, consultant, and free thinker
Signal/whatsapp: +1 415-3101351
Berlin-based: +49 1573 5994525, CET/UTC+2
Native: English, Español; Functional: Deutsch, Français, Português

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