Quick vote on timing of second time slot

Juan Caballero

The new chairs of Interop WG want to hold every other meeting at a timeslot later in the day (Wednesday) that would be more inclusive for the US west coast timezones, as well as for the timezones in the eastern half of Eurasia and Pacific (for whom it would Thursday!). If you would likely be attending meetings in that second time slot, please take a moment to vote here:

We will pick a time from these three options at the half-hour mark during tomorrow's meeting, and voting during the meeting will be allowed. Once a new time slot has been chosen we will update the DIF calendar, accessible at http://bit.ly/dif-calendar .

Thank you,

Juan Caballero
Research Lead,
Spherity GmbH, Emil-Figge-Stra├če 80, 44227 Dortmund
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