Updates from the Interop Group

Juan Caballero <virtualofficehours@...>

Hey interopers!

A few quick updates:

  1. The layers+buckets maps of the diversity of SSI implementations across communities is almost done. We'll incorporate today's inputs  by friday and present a final version next week for final comments and...
  2. ...a homework assignment! Next week we'll ask people (over email) to fill out anonymous questionnaires and (optionally of course) send them in.  We're genuinely curious which "buckets" our regular membership knows the least about! This kind of diagnostic exercise will inform...
  3. next week's discussion of what major project to take on first as a group.  Attached is a draft of the options-- to add another, go to the agenda and add a row to the table!
  4. Thursday night or Friday morning depending where you live, there will be a[n English-language] MyData Korea event on human-centric interoperability, as per Adrian's question of where UX and consumer perspectives fit in this group's work. Info here.


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