Service End Points - what should they be called?

Kaliya Young

The Glossary Group has decided to focus on the meaning of service endpoints for DIDs. 

We are looking for community input on our current definitions of 5 different endpoints and would like your input.

We are also ranking these endpoints by how important people feel they are to interoperability and adoption. 

We have made space on the survey to name up to 3 additional types of service endpoints you are important to DIDs. 

Our goal is to get at least 20 responses from community members. This group was formed at IIW29 and chose to nest at DIF but is seeking broad input from all the different groups in the community.  Please feel free to pass this link along to anyone you think might have constructive input.

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

  • Kaliya Young, Adrian Gropper, Juan Caballero, Sankarshan