InteropWG Agenda-change for this week: Discussion & Lightpaper Crowd-edit/review re: VC Credential Format

juan caballero

Dear Interop-til-you-droppers:

This week, we'll be reviewing and reconsidering our "major theme" (leitmotif?) of Q4 2020: the four most common Verifiable Credential formats, and VC interop across them.  Instead of thinking of this as a technical problem however, we would like to focus on how to communicate the VC interop issues our community is facing right now pragmatically, "to normal people." Here is the agenda we set:

Agenda - 13 Jan 2020 - US/APAC time (1400PT) - Communications Problem: Explaining the VC Format wars to decision-makers

  • Optional homework: skim, read, or best of all, leave comments on the draft of Kaliya's LFPH/CCI public-facing lightpaper on the subject
  • Warmup discussion: How do you describe the VC format decision to decision-makers, clients, outsiders, etc? (10min)
  • Walkthrough of paper (10min)
  • Crowd-edit and pile-on (30min)
  • Closing discussion: where does this paper go and what else can be done to make this clearer (or obsolete)
    • Sidebar: Covid credentials

If you have a moment and would like to review the lightpaper draft before (or instead of) attending the session, it can be found here on google docs.

As a reminder and for everyone who has joined recently, DIF Interoperability Working Group is non-IPR protected and open to non-members of DIF. Feel free to forward these emails or links to our agenda document to any parties you think might find the meetings, the minutes, and/or the recordings useful.



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