Next week's meeting and other ways to participate, prepare, and contribute instead of sending regrets

Juan Caballero

Hey Interoperers:

Thanks so much for attending and weathering the choppy zoom waters with us.  We hope the conversation about short-term work items and low-hanging fruit percolates. If you missed the meeting and want to hear about these, check the last 40 minutes of this recording.

We also presented some new reference/education materials, the latest [now hyperlinked!] layering map, and sneak-previewed the working draft of our self-diagnostic questionnaire. On next week's call, we'd like to use half the time to fill out this questionnaire together as "beta testers" (dogfooders?), refining the explanatory texts and, in true espirit d'escalier, making last-minute updates to the map.  The more people fill this out, the better we'll understand the knowledge gaps overall-- and identify teachers who might be interested in virtual coffees or other skillswaps.

The rest of the time, we can hone in one these wallet/VC related work items and think about next steps/first-steps.

Talk soon! Open issues!

-- juan

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