Interop: GHPB and GCCN presentations tomorrow 4 messages By Kaliya Identity Woman ·
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SSI score / revocation schemes By andreas.freitag.77@... ·
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InteropWG Agenda-change for this week: Discussion & Lightpaper Crowd-edit/review re: VC Credential Format By juan caballero ·
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Cross-Community Information Request (5min max) By Juan Caballero ·
Homework: Fill out the Assessment By Pamela ·
Next week's meeting and other ways to participate, prepare, and contribute instead of sending regrets By Juan Caballero ·
DIF Interoperability WG - A 2 messages By Juan Caballero ·
zoom link glitch! By Juan Caballero ·
Updates from the Interop Group By Juan Caballero ·
following up on Adrian's remark about user/human centric parallel track as part of InterOp discussions 8 messages By sankarshan ·
I'm a doctor, my medical society is embracing SSI, what are they telling me to do? 3 messages By Adrian Gropper ·
DIF wide infrastructure 3 messages By Balázs Némethi ·
New, alternating meeting time! 4 messages By Juan Caballero ·
Essif labs profile By Balázs Némethi ·
Quick vote on timing of second time slot By Juan Caballero ·
Voting Logistics Snafu -- Please Revote before Wednesday 4am PST/1pm CET 4 messages By Juan Caballero ·
Vote for chairs - Interop WG 2 messages By Balázs Némethi ·
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