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Hi Brent and Daniel:


I am very interested to join the DID WG under W3C. We are already an active player in the RWOT ecosystem, have a lot of hands on DID tech experience and are working on customer propositions in the industrial sector. Our value for the DID working group is to translate specs for non-human requirements for further advancing the DID W3C specs.


Please share more information with me about the working group.

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Von: <> Im Auftrag von Brent Zundel
Gesendet: Monday, 9 September 2019 17:44
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We are thrilled to announce the formation of the Decentralized Identifier Working Group (DIDWG) under the W3C. The group's primary output will be the Decentralized Identifier v1.0 normative specification. Please join us!


This work has been incubated in the community for years, and we would like everyone interested in the continued success of DIDs to participate in the DIDWG. 

We encourage W3C member organizations to join the DIDWG and nominate participants who will help move the work forward. 

We invite those who see the great potential of DIDs, who are not yet W3C members, to join the W3C and help the DIDWG in producing this standard.

For those who are unable to join the W3C, but who still wish to participate, a limited number of invitations may be available. These invitations can only be made to persons who cannot join the W3C, but have expertise that could be of great benefit to the DIDWG. Please contact the group chairs for more information.


DIDWG Co-Chairs

Daniel Burnett - daniel.burnett@...

Brent Zundel - brent.zundel@...


The DIDWG Charter

The W3C  DIDWG Page

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