Glossary project - survey

Balázs Némethi

Good morning,

The DIF Glossary Project is kicking off work through bi-weekly community calls. The call invite and details are available here. (copy the event to your calendar)  We welcome anyone who is interested to join the discussion. 

  •  We are currently selecting the first terms to focus on, and we want your input. Please complete the 2 question survey to cast your vote. Responses will be reviewed during the call on the 25th.   

As a reminder, the goal of this project is to facilitate the emergence of contextualized vocabulary that is widely accepted across the decentralized identity community/industry. Together we will be working across the whole range of projects and efforts to understand what language is currently being used and to invite understanding and support convergence on some core definitions. We will do this in an open and transparent manner that is as inclusive as possible. We are not (re)creating a comprehensive taxonomy but rather are focusing on a few key terms that are especially critical for wider adoption. 

Thank you.


Balázs Némethi
Operations @ DIF