DIF Steering Committee Elections - Nominations close this Friday (27th May) !

Paul Grehan

Hi All,

DIF Steering Committee Elections are underway and the window for nominations is closing this Friday the 27th of May !

These elections happen annually with the intent to provide an inclusive and diverse mix of membership representation via a democratic voting process - we encourage you to play a part and get nominations in for someone or yourself to be an integral part of DIF moving forward !

There are six positions up for re-election this year, so lots of opportunity !

It is as simple as emailing the name and email of a fellow member - or yourself - to nominations@....

The process and timeline for the elections can be found on our website : https://identity.foundation/election2022/

Current nominees profiles are listed here : https://identity.foundation/election2022/candidates.html

If you have any questions - please email nominations@... or reach out to us on Discord (#sc-elections) or Slack (#sc-elections)

Kind regards,

Paul Grehan
Decentralized Identity Foundation