DIF Interop Working Group - new Co-Chair position open for nomination !

Paul Grehan

Hi All,

A quick note on behalf of our Interop WG Chairs :

After a fantastic year of exploring and presenting a multitude of interop activities occurring in the Decentralized Identity space, it's time to switch things up and offer a co-chair position in the group for the year ahead.

You now have the possibility to nominate yourself, or anyone else to this co-chair position that will run the group together with Kaliya Identity Woman, and David Waite from PingIdentity.

Snorre will be stepping down to put more effort into already ongoing activities, thank you for your herculean efforts over the last twelve months !!

If you want to nominate yourself or someone, please fill in this simple form https://forms.gle/QtAXyCY6CbpefYF86

We look forward to your nominations and will have the election in 2 weeks.

Deadline for nominations is Wednesday 10th of August at 23:59.

After that we will have a three week election time (finalizing on the 31st of August)
Cheers, the co-chairs

Kind regards,

Paul Grehan
Program Manager
Decentralized Identity Foundation