FYI: History of Storage: 20th Anniversary of the Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001 ("Tahoe") RC1 Release

Michael Herman (Web 7.0)

  • SharePoint Portal Server 2001 (“Tahoe”) ran on top of the Exchange Server 2000 Web Storage System …but only for that initial release.
  • Co-released with “Tahoe” was Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), a free downloadable component of Windows Server 2000, that used SQL Server for its document and metadata store.
  • SharePoint Server subsequently migrated to use WSS as its “kernel” for the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2003 release.
  • As an internal Microsoft Consulting Services EC3 consultant, I worked for the SharePoint product group with the responsibility for developer, partner, and MS field readiness.


Very interesting/heady times back then for storage.


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