Re: Secure Data Storage WG - Identity Hub Implementers call for July 7, 2021


Hello SDSers,


The Hub Implementer’s call has been moved to the following Zoom link, and will be held in this room going forward:


Sorry for the confusion, the DIF folks created a calendar entry for the meeting and a different Zoom link/room was generated in the process.


- Daniel


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Subject: Secure Data Storage WG - Identity Hub Implementers call for July 7, 2021


Dear members,


This is a reminder that the DIF / CCG Secure Data Storage Working group’s bi-weekly Identity Hub Implementer call will be happening this Wednesday at 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific / 19:00 CEST.


Meeting link:


Identity Hub Specification:

Identity Hub Repo:


While this call is a more free form space for lower-level ideation/feedback, the following topics are actively being discussed:


  1. Discuss the latest Issues/ideas opened by Boris Mann
  2. Any other topics folks want to raise if we get through those




Audio recordings and transcripts of previous meetings:


As always, the IPR policy requires that you can only make substantive contributions if you sign the IPR Release Form. Please follow the instructions at


Thank you!


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