Re: SDS/CS WG: Trusted Content Storage (TCS Stack): Decentralized Twitter (Dewitter) App Scenario - completed and posted

Michael Herman (Trusted Digital Web)

What is the most interesting use case in Decentralized Twitter (Dewitter) app scenario so far? …the use case which might have the greatest impact on the architecture of an EDV Server Instance and EDV Data Vault?


Believe it or not, it’s Liking a Tweet…


  1. Like a Tweet
    1. Read the Tweet to be Liked using action 39 (Read a Specific Tweet).
    2. Increment the Tweet’s Like Counter by 1
    3. Using protocol operation 35a, update the Tweet’s Like Counter in the Dewitter Tweet Container in the personal Dewitter Data Vault attached to the personal Local EDV Server Instance.
    4. NOTE: The “increment and update the Tweet’s Like Counter” needs to be an atomic operation executed remotely while possibly multiple Personal Agents are also trying to increment the same Tweet’s Like Counter at the same time.
    5. NOTE: Like a Tweet is very difficult to do in a decentralized system – almost impossible – with the ability to define, deploy, and remotely execute a Layer A Trusted Content Storage Kernel-level stored procedure (or the equivalent) to perform the Like counter increment operation directly on a locked resource in EDV Data Vault.
    6. NOTE: The Tweet Like Account List is not implemented in this version of the Dewitter app scenario.

There have been 2 subsequent revisions to the Dewitter app scenario document.  A Change History section is tracking the changes. 


Check out


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From: Michael Herman (Trusted Digital Web)
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Subject: SDS/CS WG: Trusted Content Storage (TCS Stack): Decentralized Twitter (Dewitter) App Scenario - completed and posted


As a follow-up to Daniel’s remarks on Thursday’s call: “it’s Decentralized Twitter!”, I’ve documented a fairly complete Decentralized Twitter (Dewitter) App Scenario with 50+ assumptions and use cases. You can find it here:


Trusted Content Storage (TCS Stack): Decentralized Twitter (Dewitter) App Scenario


The ink is still wet so it’s a great time to provide your feedback.  If there’s interest, I’ll post a live version on Google Docs.  The next step for me is to break the app scenario down into a list of fine-grained requirements to be voted on for the CS specification.


Below is a copy of the Dewitter App Scenario fully decentralized architecture reference model used as the basis for the above whitepaper. 

The whitepaper also discusses a Distwitter app scenario that uses a distributed architecture that adds centralized servers and server-hosted EDV Server Instances to the decentralized Dewitter app scenario.



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Subject: Reminder and Agenda for Confidential Storage Spec Call - Mar 4 2021


Dear all,

This is a reminder that the DIF / CCG Secure Data Storage Working group weekly call will be happening on Thursday at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific / 22:00 CEST.

Meeting link:

Specification repository:

Audio recordings and transcripts of previous meetings:

As always, the IPR policy requires that you can only make substantive contributions if you sign the IPR Release Form. Please follow the instructions at

Confidential Storage Spec Call Agenda

1. IPR Reminder
2. Introductions and Re-Introductions

3. Finish discussing remaining items on the ‘Division of Responsibilities between Hubs and EDVs’.

4. Collection of EDV features and use cases, by priority, from the community -- start discussion.

5. Issue review


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The Chairs

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