Reminder and Agenda for Secure Data Storage WG Call Oct 8

Kaliya Identity Woman

Hello everyone, 
This is a reminder that the DIF / CCG Secure Data Storage Working group weekly call will be happening on Thursday at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific / 22:00 CEST.

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Secure Data Storage WG Agenda

  1. IPR Reminder
  2. Introductions and Re-Introductions
  3. Authorization data model discussion
  4. Last 15 mins: WG and Spec Naming Discussion!
    • We are are here ->>> Week 2) Debating "hard no"s/deal breaker names,
      Next week Week 3) Community ranked-choice voting
    • To start us off: see the last several comments on issue #35

Exploratory Names


Exploratory properties of good name choices:

  • Short
  • No collisions
  • Should not snark/pun on existing similar solutions (like Solid Pods, for example)
  • Should not make people think “This already exists; Google Drive / Dropbox”
    • bengo: e.g. “encrypted”? +1 – manu
  • Should not suggest that this is more secure or decentralized than it really is.
    • bengo: As CCG has discussed, there are many definitions of ‘decentralized’, and there is usually a better choice of words.
    • bengo: Im new to the spec, but I was under the impression it would be possible to implement SDS in a very traditional/centralized architecture, while also enabling some new ones.

Exploratory properties of names that may not be important:

  • globally unique
  • resolvable
  • works with posix tools for resolving names. A valid name could be ‘’, whois
  • name is syntax-compatible with other standards
  • decision reached via Formal Consensus
    • bengo: I believe it’s probably possible to make this decision via this protocol, but not desirable if fielding concerns takes more than x weeks (x=4?). Mitigation: if consensus takes longer than y weeks, group could vote on a resolution to bound the debate to z weeks.

Lower-level, storage-focused names:

* Decentralized Encrypted Storage
* Decentralized Encrypted Vault
* Secure Data Vault
* Encrypted Storage Vault
* Vault Data Store
* Decentralized Data Vault
* Decentralized Vault Store
* Secure Data Share
* Encrypted Data Vault
* Secure Resource Server
* Ookie Pookie-
* Pubsubhubbub hubs 
* Encrypted fiefdoms

All-inclusive, app-focused names:
* Dapp Hub
* App Mesh
* Dapp Mesh
* Decentralize App Hub
* Distributed Data Hub
* Encrypted Data Mesh
* Encrypted Storage Mesh
* User Space
* Encrypted fiefdoms