Update on delegation use-cases

Juan Caballero

Quick note on delegation use-cases:

Michael and I met today to discuss and even replayed last week's recording.  We are embarassed to report we don't quite understand what "delegation use-case" people were expecting to be added to the use-cases document.  The "safety deposit box" use cases includes lots of delegation and revocation in sections 2.1.3-6, but this is for all contents of the [digital asset] deposit box.  The medical credentials use-case includes per-document delegation and revocation, in sections 2.4.4 and 2.4.5.  Was the group asking for more detail, or more technically-demanding detail, to work out the equivalences or specificities of addressing either use in case with today's OAuth, GNAP, and/or ZCaps? Would a PR adding re-delegation or attenuation to section 2.4.4 fit the bill, or was a totally separate use case being requested? We're happy to meet again Thursday before the call if there's some amount of consensus so please dogpile some +1s if someone speaks up and you agree :D

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