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Secure Data Storage WG Agenda - Thu Oct 8th, 2020

Current Spec



1. IPR Reminder

2. Introductions and Re-Introductions

3. WG and Spec Naming Discussion!

    * Goal: Finalize names by IIW

    * 3 week process: Week 1) Generate list of names, 

        **Week 2)** Debating "hard no"s/deal breaker names,

        Week 3) Community ranked-choice voting

    * To start us off: see the last several comments on [issue #35](

4. Authorization Data Model Discussion


  • Kaliya Young
  • Dmitri Zagidulin
  • Tobias Looker
  • Adrian Gropper
  • Dave Longley
  • Manu Sporny
  • Sze Wong
  • Michael Shea
  • Daniel Buchner


Exploratory Names

Exploratory properties of good name choices:

* Short

* No collisions

* Should not snark/pun on existing similar solutions (like Solid Pods, for example)

* Should not make people think "This already exists; Google Drive / Dropbox"

  * bengo: e.g. "encrypted"? +1 -- manu

* Should not suggest that this is more secure or decentralized than it really is.

    * bengo: As CCG has discussed, there are many definitions of 'decentralized', and there is usually a better choice of words.

    * bengo: Im new to the spec, but I was under the impression it would be possible to implement SDS in a very traditional/centralized architecture, while also enabling some new ones.


Exploratory properties of names that may not be important:

* globally unique

* resolvable

* works with posix tools for resolving names. A valid name could be '', `whois`

* name is syntax-compatible with other standards

* decision reached via [Formal Consensus](

  * bengo: I believe it's probably possible to make this decision via [this protocol][1], but not desirable if fielding concerns takes more than x weeks (x=4?). Mitigation: if consensus takes longer than y weeks, group could vote on a resolution to bound the debate to z weeks.


[1]: "Formal Consensus"


Lower-level, storage-focused names:

* ~~Secure~~ Data Storage

* Decentralized Encrypted Storage

* Decentralized Encrypted Vault

* ~~Secure~~ Data Vault

* Encrypted Storage Vault

* Vault Data Store

* Decentralized Data Vault

* Decentralized Vault Store

* ~~Secure~~ Data Share

* Encrypted Data Vault

* ~~Secure~~ Resource Server

* ~~Ookie Pookie~~

* ~~Pubsubhubbub hubs (for Michael Shea :D )~~

* ~~Encrypted fiefdoms~~

* Confidential Resource Server

* Encrypted Resource Server

* Pumpernickel (or other non-descriptive codename)



* ~~Secure~~

* Decentralized

* Distributed

* Encrypted

    * Some concerns that this might be too specific

* Mesh

* Confidential

* Zero Trust

    * dlongley: We want to be careful about "zero trust", since we do actually trust the low-level storage provider _not_ to hand out the actual encrypted documents, and to enforce authorizations.

* Limited Trust

* Dapp

* Standard

* User

* [none]



* Data Vault

* Cloud Storage

* Resource Server

* App Hub

* Data Hub

* App Mesh

* Storage Mesh

* Fiefdom

* Storage McStorageFace

* Space


Other suggestions:

* Confidential [something]

* Zero Trust [something]

    * Zerotrust Cloud Storage

    * Zero Trust Data Fabric

* Limited Trust [something]

* Standard Resource Server

* Resource Server


All-inclusive, app-focused names:

* Dapp Hub

* App Mesh

* Dapp Mesh

* Decentralize App Hub

* Distributed Data Hub

* Encrypted Data Mesh

* Encrypted Storage Mesh

* User Space

* Encrypted fiefdoms


Hard No's

* "Secure"

Recording (Zoom)

Transcript (Otter AI)