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Secure Data Storage WG Agenda - Thu March 4th, 2021

Current Spec



  1. IPR Reminder
  2. Introductions and Re-Introductions
  3. A discussion of Daniel Buckner's requirements for Hubs (


Intros and Re-intros

Eric Schuh - from legendary requirements introduced himself


Up and coming thoughtful biometrics workshop - Run by Kaliya Young et al, reach out to her for more details


Dmitri gave a brief summary of the previous 2 sessions about the EDV - Hubs requirements doc

Manu continued facilitating the discussion around this doc making it to completion (

PROPOSAL: This group can specify a log data model (or better yet use an existing data model) and API, as a separate Note / side-spec.

+1 for all except for Adrian and Michael


Dmitri moved the group onto our next agenda item which was to gather requirements from implementers on which features are the most important

Manu outlined a process in which we can establish this list via collecting requirements then applying rank choice voting


  • Dmitri Z
  • Tobias Looker
  • Kaliya Young
  • Daniel Buckner
  • Manu Sporny
  • Dave Longley
  • Adrian Gropper
  • Michael Herman
  • Balas Nemethi
  • Chris Were
  • Derek Trider
  • Eric Schuh
  • ET
  • Jace Hensley
  • Michael Herman
  • Michael Shea
  • Neil Thomson
  • Troy Ronda
  • Zokama
  • Juan

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