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Secure Data Storage WG Agenda - Thu April 01th, 2021

Current Spec


Agenda EDV Dedicated Call

  1. IPR Reminder
  2. A discussion about work mode for the EDV dedicated sub call


Agenda: Dmitri gave an intro into the suggested working 

PROPOSAL: EDV calls focus on the following:

  1. Spec
  2. Test vectors
  3. Remaining 1.0 of features (history api, etc).
    1. securekey PR
    2. pagination
    3. history api

All +1's

PROPOSAL: EDV calls spin up 3 repos. 1) EDV Spec repo. 2) Test suite / test vectors. 3) Example implementation (client, server).

All +1's

PROPOSAL: Based on what I heard: Incoming issues will be triaged on call within two weeks. Issues that have been triaged will have tags associated with them, and a directly responsible individual assigned. If no one volunteers, the issue will be considered to unimportant to keep open.

All +1's

Manu: what do we want to do with the current list of issues in the repo?

Orie: As we spin up the new repo editors will label the relevant ones "Pending Move to EDV/Hub" all other issues 

Eric: Question about when cross group updates will occur

Orie: In favour of not setting up anything formal yet

Manu: Lets rely on more informal cross sub-group overlap for context sharing

Manu: Propose to move on to outstanding feature issues

Troy: *Gave a quick summary of their existing proposal for batch capability in an EDV*

Tobias: *Gave a quick summary of the proposal for a history API on an EDV*


  • Dmitri Z
  • Tobias Looker
  • Kaliya Young
  • Daniel Buckner
  • Manu Sporny
  • Dave Longley
  • Justin Bingam
  • Zokama
  • Eric Schuh
  • Balazs Nemethi
  • Ian Davis
  • Adrian Gropper

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