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Secure Data Storage WG Agenda - Thu April 15th, 2021

Current Spec


Agenda - EDV Dedicated Call

  1. IPR Reminder
  2. Intro and reintroductions
  3. Review Dereks Existing PRs


- Manu raised we need the history in the new EDV repo to be cleansed of hubs stuff and vice versa for the new hubs spec.


- Discussed PRs ( and (

- Derek spoke about why they believe the batch operations are required citing the issues with HTTP signing performance when using a remote KMS.

- A general discussion about the architecture of batch APIs and how they influence implementation complexity was had.

PROPOSAL: New features shall be merged into the spec if no objections. However they will get marked as 'at risk' until two implementers of the feature is confirmed.


  • Dmitri Z
  • Tobias Looker
  • Kaliya Young
  • Daniel Buckner
  • Manu Sporny
  • Dave Longley
  • Jace Hensley
  • Troy Ronda
  • Zokama

Recording (Zoom)

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