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Secure Data Storage Working Group

Welcome to the Secure Data Storage Working Group! We are working group that is jointly supported by the Decentralised Identity Foundation (DIF) and Credentials Community Group (CCG), our current work item on "confidential storage" is primarily hosted at DIF, including this WIKI.

This group formed out of two communities working on almost the same thing and instead of doing two separate things we decided to work together, which were

- The Encrypted Data Vault Community working on how to have blob data storage that was totally encrypted on the server.  In part focused on how to store materials related to Verifiable Credentials. It has 3 different working implementations and a specification.  This work originated in the Credentials Community Group.

- The Identity Hub was a vision and prototype spec being developed to support developers being able to access particular types of data that a person might have. Enabling apps to be built based on people’s data.  This type of functionality would lie on top of an Encrypted Data Vault. This work originated in the Decentralised Identity Foundation. 


As a result of combining these two communities, the summary of our groups current charter is the following:

Create one or more specifications to establish a foundational layer for secure data storage (including personal data), specifically data models for storage and transport, syntax, data at rest protection, CRUD HTTP API, access control, synchronisation, and a minimum viable HTTP-based interface compatible with W3C DIDs/VCs.


Relevant Links

SDS Charter - HERE - accepted 20/04/02

SDS Use Cases and Requirements - HERE

Website - HERE

Confidential Storage Repository - HERE


Joining the Working Group

For Organizations:

Please note: to contribute on behalf of an organization the org should have a membership at DIF AND sign the SDS WG charter.

  1. As a not yet DIF member
    1. Join DIF as an Associate member or as a Contributor: details here
    2. Follow the instructions you will receive once the DocuSign is completed
  2. For (already) DIF Associate/Contributor members
    1. Join the Working Group (fill out the form and sign the DocuSign sent to the email)

For individuals

  1. email


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